We've found that the popular one-size systems usually don't fit an average sized baby very well until they are about two or three months old, and because babies grow out of newborn sized diapers so quickly, it isn't always practical or cost-effective to purchase a whole stash of newborn diapers. So we created this rental program to provide an affordable way for you to start cloth diapering right from the beginning. At this time, we only offer this rental program to our local customers. You will need to stop in the store to pick up your rental as we do not ship rentals. Below is how the rental program works and the terms and conditions.

Choose any of the following newborn diapers in lots of 6. You must choose a minimum of 24 diapers.

    • bumGenius XS/Newborn
    • Lil’ Joey
    • Blueberry Simplex Newborn


Select colors/prints are available for each brand. You may specify if you want boy, girl, or gender neutral colors for each lot of 6 diapers. You may rent the diapers new or gently used; however, gently used diapers are not guaranteed to be available.

Pricing (per lot of 6)

bumGenius or Lil’ Joey

    • Deposit*: $30 flat charge for the rental period
    • Rental Fee (New): $15/month
    • Rental Fee (Gently used): $10/month


Blueberry Simplex Newborn

    • Deposit*: $40 flat charge for the rental period
    • Rental Fee (New): $22.50/month
    • Rental Fee (Gently used): $15/month


* The deposit is non-refundable but will be given back to you as store credit at the end of the rental period if the diapers are returned in acceptable condition.

Note:  If you would like to purchase the diapers at the end of the rental period, you may forgo your deposit and simply pay $20/lot of 6 diapers based on a 2 month rental or $6/lot of 6 diapers based on a three month rental. On a four month rental you may simply forgo your deposit and keep the diapers.


  1. Rental is for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months.
  2. Diapers can be picked up by customer two weeks before estimated due date. The rental period begins on your estimated due date or the date your baby is born, whichever date is later. Rental period will automatically start on estimated due date, unless customer informs us otherwise.
  3. Diapers are to be returned within three days of agreed upon return date. After the three day “grace period” we will deduct $5/day from the deposit for every day that you are late in returning.
  4. Rentals will not be pro-rated if you decide to return your diapers earlier than agreed upon return date.
  5. If you want to extend your rental an additional month or months, you must notify us and pay for the additional months at least 7 days before your agreed upon return date. No partial month extensions are allowed. You must pay for a full month’s rental.
  6. Diapers must be returned to us clean, dry, without smells, and acceptable condition inside and out. “Acceptable condition” means that although diapers have been worn and washed, they still look almost new and are fully functional. Normal wear and tear such as pilling of fleece or faint stains is acceptable. Heavy staining resulting from the use of unapproved diaper rash creams or mildew from infrequent washing is unacceptable. If diapers are returned in unacceptable condition, the customer will forgo their deposit.
  7. Rentals are not eligible for Mulberry Mama Rewards.

Wash and Care

  1. Diapers must be in non-smoking home or your deposit will be forfeited.
  2. Wash diapers at least every two days with a pre-rinse, hot wash, and final rinse.
  3. “Cloth diaper safe” detergents are only to be used. This means any detergent free of optical brighteners, fabric softeners, or fragrances other than essential oils. If you aren’t sure, please ask! Do NOT use bleach on diapers. Sun is a natural “bleaching” agent so if you want to remove stains, put them on the line out in the sun.
  4. Place diapers on the line to dry or place in the dryer, but no higher than medium heat. 
  5. Only “cloth safe” rash creams may come into contact with the diapers directly. Do not use diaper rash creams containing cod liver oil or calamine. If you aren’t sure either ask us or use a liner between the baby’s bottom and the diaper to prevent damage to the diapers to prevent repelling and/or stains. We recommend CJ’s BUTTer or Coconut Oil.


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