Welcome to our Events Page! We currently offer a Cloth 101 session every month, typically on the third Saturday of the month at 9am, located at our store location. We are in the process of planning some other great educational classes on various topics, so keep checking back! 


Cloth 101

Saturday June 16, 2018


There's an overwhelming amount of information out there about modern cloth diapers, and we've found that until you see things in person, and talk with someone who knows their stuff, it can be hard to decide what's going to work and not work for your family. That's why we offer cloth diapering 101.


By attending our cloth diapering 101 educational evening, you get:


  • About 60-90 minutes with Lindsay, owner of Mulberry Street Diaper Co. and resident expert in all things related to cloth diapering.
  • Factual information (not opinion) on the real economic, environmental, and health benefits of cloth diapering.
  • A detailed cost analysis which even includes your expected laundry costs, showing exactly how much you can expect to save by choosing to cloth diaper.
  • Answers to your most pertinent questions like, "What do I do with the poop?", "How do you wash cloth diapers?", and "What's an All-in-One vs. an All-in-Two?" and opportunities to ask any questions you may have about cloth diapering.
  • Opportunity to actually touch and feel the different types of modern cloth diapers available
  • Your registration fee returned to you in the form of store credit.


Please note that we charge a small registration fee to reserve a spot for you and up to 1 family member guest, but when you attend the class, your registration fee will be returned to you in the form of store credit. We have many baby products so even if you choose not to cloth diaper, your store credit will not go to waste!